• We building places where people can feel at home.

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  • We’re committed to building high-quality, successful projects.

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  • What sets us apart?

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We build homes.

Formed in 2005, Tsotang Development is a BBBEE level 4, black-owned construction company committed to building places where people can feel at home.We deliver unique, cost-effective homes and buildings on time and within budget.

Our focus is ecologically-sensitive and sustainable homes, businesses and public development centres that use less non-renewable materials, save electricity, and use natural light and heat.

We love to build.

From residential homes and renovations to premium office buildings, our team loves to build. Our diverse experience brings fresh perspective and originality to the building process, where our technical expertise, passion for implementing the latest trends and technology and extraordinary attention to detail comes to life.

The result? Innovative and unique interior and exterior designs, tailored to meet your exact requirements.

Our Approach

We’re committed to building high-quality, successful projects. Our company has a qualified internal design and survey team that follows a comprehensive Quality Management plan for each project, which includes Method Statements, Safety Plans, Risk Assessments, and Quality Assurance procedures (such as inspection and test plans, material receiving records, and survey records), to name a few.

Once a contract is awarded to us, we check the design, allocate work and compile a programme to ensure quick delivery and completion.

Our building expertise covers

Office Developments
Estate Developments
Home Renovations
Shopping Centres
New Homes
Institutional Buildings
Interior Design

What sets us apart?

  • Strategic joint venture agreements
  • Focus on environmentally-responsible building
  • Personalised service
  • Repeated client referrals
  • Guaranteed hands-on management
  • Competitive prices with the highest quality and standards
  • Smart home technology and automation
  • Registered with National Home Builders Registration Council
  • No litigation, ever – we resolve any challenges on site

Our Vision

To become the leading black empowerment building contractor in Southern Africa, delivering high-quality projects that are both economically feasible and technically viable.

How do we help the communities we work in?

Tsotang Development is a 100% black-owned company. We realise that the very nature of our work has a social impact; therefore our corporate social responsibility policy aims to ensure that the communities we operate in benefit from our activities.

The majority of our work is completed in urban areas, and where possible, work is subcontracted to emerging companies. Our skilled labourers also become team leaders to oversee the training of local labourers in the art of bricklaying, plastering and roof construction.
  • Sponsorship of underprivileged and deserving school children
  • Internship programmes for students
  • Community awareness campaigns and interaction to explain our objectives in specific areas
  • Creation and provision of employment opportunities
  • Developing previously disadvantaged individuals through labour-intensive methods of construction
  • Skills transfer for new and upcoming corporations.